Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learning Gratitude as Part of Wellness

Gratitude is a feeling or an emotion.  It is thankfulness and a benefit that one has or will have received.  According to my friend and journalist Rita Watson gratitude is an attitude that can lead people to be happier because they have more social connections and therefore less depression which can also lead to fewer illnesses and even a decrease in alcoholism. On my little journey into wellness, which is time consuming and difficult since I am not used to it, I have been reading about gratitude.  I read something in a meditation book the other day that I would like to share.  It states  “the habit of complaining, of wishing things were different, is nothing more than a way of insuring depression and misery  As I expose this and other destructive habits, asking God to remove then, I can allow myself to be happy. I am coming to realize that it is not life that owes me something; it is I that owes something to life.” This one little passage made me sit back and think about all I have to be grateful for in my life, rather than the fact that my fingers hurt when I type, I have this chronic disease that is not going my way and isn’t going to get better anytime soon and my son and daughter in law are moving this weekend with my granddaughter to another state.  So I started making a list of all I have and the list was so much longer than what I am going to call my “pity pot list.”  I have a great family.  I have two amazing adult sons who have made me so proud of what they have become.  I have a wonderful career that just gets better all the time.  I have everything material that I need. My 53 pound boxer that I decided to foster can now be adopted because she didn’t eat or chew on my 7 pound Chihuahua. In fact, last night I couldn’t find my Chihuahua who is normally under that covers with me so I woke up and was looking for her and I found her under a top cover cuddled up with the boxer. Now that is gratitude.   

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  1. Diane, Please let us see images of your pups. Don't deny us. Some of us have no pets and need to admire others who have them and I am one who needs to ooh and ahh over other's pets. I like your writing on gratitude. Here's a quote from a great woman I knew years ago..... "forgiveness opens doors". Now, say it out loud and watch yourself relax. Please keep posting.... very helpful for our community.....Cheryl